In all seriousness though, Matt Peake is the true "quiet" one in the office. He does not try to make jokes as often as the rest of the crew, usually being the only one who gives a serious answer. Many times, he does not even participate in answering the sillier questions. He is an editor.


(*) He once skipped a Dude Soup podcast to go kayaking.

(*) He is the reluctant leader of a cult called PE/\KE.

(*) Peake is a professional wrestler better known by the name of vacant and has held nearly every championship on the planet Earth, even women's championships. Watch out Joel, he suplexs men in more places than just in a wrestling ring.

(*) Does not consider Vegas as part of America.

(*) Sometimes is depicted as Jesus

(*) Would kill everyone (or himself) to go back to work.

(*) Is actually Kevin James in disguise.

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