The Cult of Connors was a fanbase cult started within the Funhaus TV! live chat room.

Started by a small group of natural born Connors, the group stands for peace, understanding, love, and sex without condoms.

Though the cult of Connors is a peaceful group, they have a rival group that seeks to cause discord in an otherwise perfectly Connor'd world. The Donnors.

Donnors are pure corruption. They oppose peace, tranquility, understanding, and they ALWAYS use condoms. Donnors can be seen speaking ill of Connors and occasionally pretending to be Connors in order to spoil the otherwise wonderful world that the Connors have built for us.

In order to become a true Connor you must be sworn in by either a natural born Connor or an honorary Connor.

Unbeknownst to Funhaus Crew at this time, they are already sworn in as honorary Connors and as such wield the power to create other Connors.

The official Logo of the Connors is a single "(" it is used as common greeting amongst Connors. If you see the ( you know you're among friends.

Donnors (unlike the Connors) have a natural pack mentality and are often seen greeting each other with their disgusting symbol the "|)" Donnors can often be seen giving the |) to each other and are known to spend hours just giving each other the |).