Below is a list of Funhaus members through out the its history. Never forget the Connor's in ChatHouse. Banks Connor, ohoare Connor, Mikey Connor, Chris Connor, Egan Connor, Yo Connor, Connor Hamilton. We lived. We loved. We conquered! Down with the Donnors.


Current Members Edit

  1. Adam Kovic
  2. Lawrence Sonntag
  3. Bruce Greene
  4. James Willems
  5. Matt Peake
  6. Elyse Willems
  7. Omar de Armas
  8. Daniel Schneider
  9. Jacob Fullerton
  10. Don Casanova
  11. Adam Brouillard
  12. Jon Smith
  13. Squall Charlson

Former Members Edit

  1. Sean Poole
  2. Joel Rubin
  3. Nikki Notthoff