One of the staples of Funhaus' content is weekly series, on top of contributions to Rooster Teeth's news channel The Know. As of the 1st of August, 2015, their series upload schedule is as follows:

Demo Disk - Monday

Open Haus  - Tuesday

Dude Soup - Wednesday

Grand Theft Auto Online - Thursday

Shows with no specific dateEdit

This list consists of shows that still run within Funhaus but have no specific day as to when it's uploaded and are not uploaded weekly:

1 Dollar 1 Hour (most likely shared between Saturday and Sunday)

Random gameplays (at least once a week on a random day)

Dumb Avengers on Sims 4 (around the weekend)

FAQ Podcast (Most likely to stick on Fridays, or at least on the last and first two days of the week)

Wheelhaus - every alternative Saturday

ARK: Survival Evolved  - every alternative Saturday

Cancelled/Inactive showsEdit

This list consists of shows that have either been cancelled for good or placed under inactiveness:


Art Haus

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